December 2nd, 2011

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Dependent measures
Our four dependent measures of primary interest were: (1) the participant’s timing of falling in love with his/her most recent love target, defined as whether the respondent or the other person was the first to fall in love (or whether it happened simultaneously), provided that the love was reciprocated; (2) total number of loves, counted by asking participants to list the initials of every person with whom they have ever been in love, according to the above definition; (3) number of episodes of “love at first sight”, for which no additional definition was provided; and (4) a reciprocation variable, defined as the proportion of all loves listed that occurred in or led to relationships with the beloved, and counted by asking participants to circle the initials of those individuals with whom they have “ever been in a relationship”. Participants were also asked to rate the physical attractiveness of their most recent love target, in order to test the interaction in Prediction 3C.